MGMT Paper-Bias And Decision Making MOD 4

Written assignment MUST be a minimum of 500 words. Font: Times New Roman, Spacing: before & after 0 point; Line spacing: multiple 1.15


For the five decision biases described, generate your own example where you were biased, you experienced bias, or you observed bias.

• Framing: Deliberate presentation of a situation to impact your decision

• Bias blind spot: Underestimating your own bias and overestimating the bias of others

• Confirmation bias: Evaluate new information in order to confirm existing beliefs and decisions

• Escalation of commitment: Once committed to a decision, difficult to change your mind because of the sunk costs with pursuing the decision

• Hindsight bias: Remembering events as if we already predicted them



Module 2 Case Assignment BUS500 Balance Sheet

Module 2 – Case

BeetBBBalance Sheet

Case Assignment


The main purpose of this module is to review the balance sheet in more detail. Go to and click on the investor relations link. Locate the annual reports for the past two years. Review Starbucks’ financial report, review background material, and do additional research as needed to write an essay where you incorporate answers to the questions below.


·        Provide a brief introduction to the company and include a link to the company’s website.

·        Distinguish between an expense (expired cost) and an asset.

·        Distinguish between current and long-term assets.

·        Distinguish between current and long-term liabilities.

·        Review Starbuck’s balance sheet and provide two examples of each of the above categories.

·        Discuss retained earnings and how income or loss and dividends affect this account. Review Starbucks’s retained earnings account and explain how it changed during the past two years.

·        How much debt does Starbucks have? Is the amount of debt high? How do we know if it is considered high?

·        What is the difference between an annual report and a 10-k?

Assignment Expectations

Incorporate responses to the questions above in an organized format. Start with an introduction and end with a conclusion/summary. Use headings and subheadings to organize the essay. Do not forget to include references in APA format. The suggested length is five  pages

MGMT Paper – Leadership Development MOD 5

Written assignment MUST be a minimum of 500 words. Use headings to separate topics/questions. Use Font: Times New Roman, Spacing: before & after 0 point; Line spacing: multiple 1.15:


Exercise Overview

Leaders in organizations have a diversity of backgrounds, including educational expe riences, work experiences, training, personality, and other differences. Not one path is identical from one leader to the next. This exercise involves having a conversation with someone who you admire as a leader and bringing the information from your conversa tion to class in order to compare similarities and differences.

Identify and approach a leader who you would like to learn more about. Think about who you would consider a ‘leader’. Leaders are not necessarily in formal managerial roles in an organization and come from a variety of workplaces and contexts. A leader, for example, can be a parent, a teacher, the dining hall supervisor, a security guard on campus, a coach, or a student club or association leader. Request a 15-minute conversation and ask the following:

1. What experiences shaped you as a leader?

2. Where did you learn the most about leadership?

3. How do leaders use negotiation skills? What other skills do you think are important?

4. What experiences, specialized training, or education would you still like to participate in? Why?

5. What other information do you wish I had asked you about?

Theory Of Consumer Choice And Frontiers Of Microeconomics

Scenario: You have been asked to assist your organization’s marketing department to better understand how consumers make economic decisions.

Develop a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation and  PRESENT THIS TO THE CLASS in a minimum 10 minute presentation.  Include the following:

  • The impact the theory of consumer choice has on:
    • Demand curves
    • Higher wages
    • Higher interest rates
  • The role asymmetric information has in many economic transactions.
  • The Condorcet Paradox and Arrow’s Impossibility Theorem in the political economy.
  • People are not rational in behavior economics.

Cite a minimum of three peer-reviewed sources not including your textbook.

Include detailed speake notes for each slide, except for the introducotn and references slides.

Activity 1:   Developing an International Strategy

You will now develop an international strategy for a new product or service. Based on what you learned in Task 7, and based on the concept of Blue Oceans and sound international marketing principles, select a product or service and design a strategy to bring it to market.  Think profitability but also making your brand known, and being culturally sensitive. Be specific and clear. The final strategy should be detailed in a presentation that you will include in your final project submission.

You might want to use 7 Recommendations for a Balanced Global Marketing Strategy

or download The global Marketing Playbook

Activity 2: Case Study  13 Businesses with Brilliant Global Marketing Strategies

Analyze the 13 businesses to determine what strategies they used in the international market.

What were the strategies?

Were they all different? Why?

What markets were they attempting to address?

Would some of the strategies work for every other company? Why or why not?

Discussion Question

Based on your understanding of the material on Rome, in what ways do you see the concept of power or propaganda being displayed? Describe a particular artifact and the context with which it would have been viewed. What makes the artifact an image of strength? Be specific, and be sure to back up your examples with research.

  • This is a single artifact analysis focusing on bringing together the concepts of formal and thematic elements to describe contextual influences.
  • Be sure to use MLA format when responding

Political Geography Summary Instructions

Political Geography Summary Instructions For this task, I have assigned each of you a country discussed in the Political Change pdf. After reading the section in the pdf about your assigned country, you will research what’s happened in that country, politically, since 2012 to bring the class up-to-date. Please summarize your findings – try not to get bogged down in too much detail; instead, give us the overall situation. You should keep your summary brief (around 500-750 words), but you should use full sentences, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Please do not use Wikipedia! Instead, use an online newspaper/news site for your research like BBC News, Miami Herald, NY Times or a periodical from your assigned country. You might try looking up your country’s “timeline” on BBC News as a starting point. Post you summary in the “Political Geography” Discussion Forum by by 11:59pm on the due date, and also post a copy to the Assignment Dropbox (Turnitin) – it will NOT be graded unless you’ve posted it in both places. If more than one person is assigned to a single country, each person should post their own summary.