Economics and decision making

The report will be graded in accordance to the following: A. PART I: summary of the article (10 points) B. PART II: relationship to the topic/module from the syllabus (15 points ) C. PART III: personal analysis (75 point s ) You should fo llow the steps listed below for your report: 1. Search a current article (less than 2 years old) 2. Summarize the article 3. Give the relationship of the article with the topic/module 4. Give your personal analysis of the article and relationship to the topic/module NOTE: The report MUST BE TYPED and should be 2 to 2.5 pages long.


FOURTH UNIT MARKET EFFICIENCY Module 11: Consumer and Producer Surplus (a) Consumer Surplus and the Demand Curve (b) Producer Surplus and the Supply Curve Module 12: Efficiency in Markets (a) Consumer Surplus, Producer Surplus, and Efficiency (b) A Market Economy or Econ – 002 – Page 5 SIXTH UNIT ECONOMICS AND DECISION MAKING Module 1 8: Making Decisions Module 19: Behavioral Economics (Optional) Module 20: Maximizing Utility (a) Utility: It’s All About Getting Satisfaction (b) Budgets and Optimal Constraints (c) Spending the Marginal Dollar


Week 2 Paper Mission Support Contracting II 423

Assignment Focus:

Review the importance of Learning Objectives 1 and 2 in the syllabus.

1. Explain the importance of properly defining requirements.

2. Explain Better Buying Power and strategies to meet mission needs

You  have already discussed these two learning objectives in the week’s 1  and 2 Forums and should review these two Forums for possible input to  this assignment topic.

Assignment Topic:

You first must decide which of two topic areas to research for your assignment paper. Using this universities online library, search for a peer reviewed article or conference paper or professional published paper on either:

(1) issues or problems with either the US government or Defense Department contract requirements, or

(2) with issues or problems associated with Better Buying Power for some unique mission support.

Assignment Paper Format:

  1. Prepare a title or cover page with for your paper.
  2. Write a one to two-page paper with the following subheadings:
    1. Introduction (one paragraph)
    2. (title of the focus area, such as Requirements Issues)
    3. Conclusion (one paragraph, different from the Introduction)
  3. Use Font Times New Roman, size 12.
  4. Prepare a separate last page titled References.

Assignment Paper Writing Style Guidelines :

• Examine the paper to be free of grammar or spelling errors.
• Use APA writing style to list References and to indicate citations  when quoting a source, providing facts such as dates or numbers.

APA Guidelines:
University of California Berkeley Library APA Style Citation

Purdue University APA Formatting and Style Guide

Research And Writing Guidelines:
APUS Online Library Tutorial Center

Plagiarism Advice:

To avoid intentional plagiarism

Assignment Paper Grading Rubric:

Refer to the  [assignment grading rubric]  for details on how the assignment will be evaluated.

Comparing Capital Expenditures

1) Select a company and access the last three years’ annual reports.

2) Next, select a company that is a direct competitor and download the previous three years’ annual reports.

Tip: For help with reading an annual report access this handy guide from Money Chimp:

3) Using the annual reports of both companies, complete the following in a three- to five-page paper, excluding title and reference page(s):

– For each company, report the amount of capital spending for the past three years.

– Quantitatively determine whether the amount of capital spending has been consistent or if it has fluctuated. Be sure to provide the calculations used to determine your answer. 

– Describe the capital expenditures of each firm and the factors that impacted the companies’ debt capacities and capital structures.

4) Next, compare the level of capital spending across the two firms.

– Point out how the spending was similar and/or different and speculate why the similarities or differences might exist.

You must use at least three scholarly sources in addition to the text. Support your comparison with evidence from the text, external sources, and articles/reports

Format the paper according to the APA 6th edition style guide. Be sure to properly cite your resources using APA.

Assignment 2: Individual Power Plan

What can you do to develop your individual power base? This week, you have heard and read about several types and sources of power. For this Assignment, consider your goals and how enhancing your own power may help you to achieve them.

To Prepare

  • Reflect on your personal current sense of power within your organization and the profession;
  • Do a self–assessment of your leadership skills by doing the How Good are your Leadership Skills? assessment at
    • How did you score? You do need not to reveal this in your paper, but hopefully it will guide you in how to apply the concepts to your own situation.
  • Reflect on your motivation for increasing your power within your organization and/or within the nursing profession.
  • Do a self–assessment of your leadership motivation by doing the assessment The Leadership Motivation Assessment found at
    • Again, it is not necessary to post your score but hopefully it will guide you in how to discuss your motivation at this point in time.
  • Review the information on power in the Learning Resources and conduct additional research on your own to examine strategies that seem relevant and worthwhile for helping to enrich your power as a nurse leader.
  • Identify specific strategies you can use to develop and leverage sources and types of power to achieve desired outcomes.

To Complete

Write a 2– to 3–page paper, not including the cover and Reference page, describing:

  • A self–assessment of your current sense of power within your organization and the profession;
  • A self–assessment of your motivation for increasing your power base;
  • Write a detailed plan for enhancing your power as a nurse and a leader–manager, including specific strategies for achieving that plan.  Be sure to include strategies for mobilizing the power of nursing for social change, empowering others, and building a personal power base.

Assignment 2: Required Assignment 2—Emerging Economies and Globalization

Assignment 2: Required Assignment 2—Emerging Economies and GlobalizationBackground
Markets in developed  economies are approaching saturation level. Therefore, MNCs are searching for  new untapped markets in emerging countries such as India and China. Since the healthcare  industry will continue to grow in the future due to the size of the global  population and its age composition, General Electric Healthcare (GEH) is trying  to capitalize on these trends. It is expanding its operations and development  of new drugs and manufacturing of the medical equipment in India and China.Directions
Read the following  articles:At least one peer-reviewed article related to  the trade theories in general as well as for China and IndiaArticles related to the human resource  management for MNCs, cross-cultural management, expatriate training, and  expatriates’ success/failure in overseas assignmentsArticles related to GEHThen, respond to the  following:Select two trade theories that best explain  why GEH expanded its operations of developing new drugs to India, and  manufacturing X-ray business to China.Explain the selected theories, and then  evaluate GEH’s reasoning.Explain possible pitfalls for such strategy  from GEH’s perspective.Identify solutions to the possible pitfalls  for the strategy.For each operation (India and China),  evaluate GEH’s human resource strategy.Identify how you would design training for  preparing expatriates for their assignments to India and China if you were in  charge of their training prior to the overseas assignment.Write a 7–10-page  paper in Word format. Utilize at least five to seven scholarly sources in your  research. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.Make sure you write  in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in  accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate  spelling, grammar, and punctuation.Use the following file  naming convention: LastnameFirstInitial_M5_A1.doc. By Week 5, Day 7,  deliver your assignment to the M5 Assignment 2 Dropbox.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria 

Maximum Points

Selected two trade theories  that are specific and appropriate to the expansion of GEH. The theories explain  why operations were expanded.


Explanation  of theories is specific, accurate, and clear. The explanation includes how the  theories are incorporated into the expansion of GEH. Evaluation of reasoning to  expand is complete, appropriate, and accurate. The evaluation states how  expanding benefits GEH.


Explanation  of pitfalls is reasonable and appropriate. Explanation includes how and why the  pitfalls are likely to occur. Pitfalls explained are reasonable based on the  strategy.


Solutions  identified are reasonable, appropriate, and likely to solve any possible  problems. Solutions given explain how possible pitfalls could be remedied.


Evaluation  of the human resource strategy is complete, specific, and in depth. The  evaluation focuses on aspects of the strategy unique to each operation (i.e.,  diversity, acquisition, etc.).


Identification  of training design is complete, clear, and specific. Training includes  information on preparing for both professional and personal development.  Justification for the training design is included.


Wrote in a clear,  concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in accurate  representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling,  grammar, and punctuation.





Global Staffing


Every company finds it challenging to recruit and select top executives for an international location. The nationals of the host country will be aware of the local laws and customs and may accept a lower wage as well, but may not be familiar with the company’s culture and policies. The company’s employees, on the other hand, will know about the company’s business, culture, and policies, but might not be familiar with the culture and customs of the foreign country.


Your MNC is expanding its operations to South America (Brazil, Argentina, Chile, or Columbia). The subsidiary in South America will be manufacturing automobile parts. As a human resource executive, you have to decide how you will staff this new location for top- and middle-level management, and other employees.


Using the module readings, the Internet, respond to the following:


Which model will be most appropriate for staffing each group: ethnocentric model, polycentric model, or global model? Explain your reasoning for each case.

Write a two page paper in Word format. Utilize at least three scholarly sources in your research. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.


Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.


You must have at least 2 additional references beside the text book from peer reviewed sources.

Relay Health is a company that has operated in the health care environment for several years. This organization has developed a platform whereby patients are able to communicate with their doctors online for consultations ( The adoption of this service has been slowly growing for many years but has not received widespread acceptance in the marketplace by physician groups, although there are many benefits that can be discerned from the platform for patients or employers who might have employees who have doctors who are on such a platform. And, insurers such as Blue Cross and Cigna have also begun to accept that online visits are acceptable and are moving increasingly to reimbursing this approach. Despite this growing trend, less than 3% of the family physicians in the American Academy of Family Practice report doing e-visits.

In terms of product life cycle, this product is in the introduction stage. Recently, a company called Sophrona Solutions ( has developed a platform that initially was for ophthalmology practices. One of the larger developers is American Well , the producer of online care. They have announced that they are expanding their online portal nationally.

The CEO of Relay Health has called you in as a consultant to analyze this rapidly changing market. Provide a perspective around the key concepts discussed in the chapter of the product life cycle.

In 3-4 pages in APA style making sure to provide citations and references with peer reviewed articles to support your research; specifically address the following issues:

1. What stage of the product life cycle is this e-platform in now?

2. Examine the website of Relay Health and these competitors, what options are available for Relay Health to establish a differential advantage (refer to Chapter 2)?

3. In Chapter 2, several growth strategy alternatives were posed. Consider each alternative for Relay Health. Which one did American Well employ? Which alternatives might be available to Relay Health? How might they be implemented?