Annotated Bibliography in Week Two

  • Provide a concise description of how each source contributes to the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders and current evidentiary issues.
  • Evaluate the scientific techniques used in processing evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murder case.
  • Examine the ethical issues and articulates significance on the admissibility of forensic evidence, particularly trace evidence in the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders case in subsequent legal proceedings.
  • Compare and contrast evidence collection and processing methods at the time of the Wayne Williams/Atlanta Child Murders and current collection and processing methods.

The Literature Review must include the following elements

  • Use the 10 sources identified in your Annotated Bibliography from Week Two, in addition to the course text and other required sources. WILL PROVIDE ATTACHED SOURCES
  • Due to the nature of the assignments, your original search may include reliable sources, including reliable media, to enable you to identify areas for further scholarly research. For example, numerous media publications, including The New York Times and The Christian Science Monitor, reported that Texas mother Andrea Yates was reportedly suffering from postpartum psychosis when she drowned her five children. The scholarly source would then focus on the postpartum psychosis diagnosis.

The Literature Review

  • Must be a minimum of 1500 words not including title and references pages and formatted according to APA style.
  • Must include a separate title page with the following:
  • Title of paper
    • Student’s name
    • Course name and number
    • Instructor’s name
    • Date submitted
  • Must use the 10 sources identified in your Annotated Bibliography in addition to the course text and other required readings
  • Must document all sources in APA style 
  • Must have in-text citations.
  • Must have a separate reference page

GEO 102 Written Exam 

The written exam will be submitted before the end of our scheduled final exam time during finals week.

Please address each prompt individually and fully explain your opinion/position with examples from the textbook, class discussion and other experiences (e.g., giving and watching speeches). Refer to notes, assignments, feedback and readings to help you develop complete answers. As an estimate, make sure your answer to each question is at least one full, double-spaced page. Anything shorter is probably too brief/ not detailed enough.

1. Review the student learning outcomes listed in the course syllabus. To what degree did you learn those things (so far)? Choose three of the outcomes for which you’ve seen the most development and discuss what activities and assignments contributed to your improvement with each of those outcomes.

2. Explain the power and impact of public speaking using examples from class discussion, classmates’ speeches and your own presentations.

3. Explain how one concept from this class applies to contexts outside of the University such as work, interpersonal relationships or volunteer opportunities. Then, provide an example of how you have applied or will apply the concept. Do not discuss a concept that you selected as an answer to a different question.

4. Discuss how the variety of perspectives, ideas, opinions and values expressed in this class impacted your experience (i.e., what and how you learned in the class).

5. What actions did you take that contributed to your learning and successes in GEO? If you could start over, what actions would you take or recommend to future students (provide at least 5 recommendations).

Political Geography Summary Instructions

Political Geography Summary Instructions For this task, I have assigned each of you a country discussed in the Political Change pdf. After reading the section in the pdf about your assigned country, you will research what’s happened in that country, politically, since 2012 to bring the class up-to-date. Please summarize your findings – try not to get bogged down in too much detail; instead, give us the overall situation. You should keep your summary brief (around 500-750 words), but you should use full sentences, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Please do not use Wikipedia! Instead, use an online newspaper/news site for your research like BBC News, Miami Herald, NY Times or a periodical from your assigned country. You might try looking up your country’s “timeline” on BBC News as a starting point. Post you summary in the “Political Geography” Discussion Forum by by 11:59pm on the due date, and also post a copy to the Assignment Dropbox (Turnitin) – it will NOT be graded unless you’ve posted it in both places. If more than one person is assigned to a single country, each person should post their own summary.

Research Topic: My Journal

o   You are to take an imaginary journey around the world. During that journey image you keep a journal of the places you visited.

o   For this assignment you will share your journal entries for your visit to two foreign countries, each in a different world region.

o   Within each journal entry demonstrate your knowledge of the cities or other places that you visited – so you must do research – and describe in some detail the interesting things you did during your visits. Include in your paper comments on the economic and social challenges the country faces.

o   Include maps of your countries as well as basic country data from our text:

o   Area, population, HDI, per capita GNI, capital city and its population.

o   If you prefer, this paper can be written in the first person as you would write a journal.

o   Limit the paper to 4 – 6 pages (must be at least 4 full pages of text, or about 1,000 word count).

Naturally, if you have already traveled to any of these countries you can take advantage of that knowledge and experience.


Writing Guidelines:


  • Provide a separate title page that includes the title of your journal, your name, and the date.
  • The paper must be typewritten, double-spaced, with proper formatting (correct margins, 12 pt. font, page numbering etc.).
    • Use a standard writing guide such as the MLA or APA Manual for proper formatting.
    • Columbus State Writing Center can also be of help.
  • The paper must be over 4 pages long, not including the title page and bibliography. A full page is defined as 1-inch margins on the side and 1½- inch margins at the top and bottom.
  • Students may use any written or electronic media as sources for the paper. Written media include such items as magazines, journals, newspapers, books, textbooks, and atlases. Students may also use an encyclopedia, but the entire collection (whether in written or electronic form) is counted as one source only. Electronic media include such items as the Internet, FTP sites, CD-ROM, etc.
  • Provide a separate “Works Cited” or “Bibliography” page at the end of the paper.
    • A minimum of four sources is required and MUST be properly cited in the bibliography
    • Use a standard writing guide such as the MLA or APA Manual in properly citing material.

Training on Diversity Trends

As a new member of a top management consulting firm’s diversity team, one of your responsibilities is to conduct training on diversity trends. Consultants use this training in their management practices with Fortune 500 companies.

You are asked to lead a training session next week. The topic is “The Global Demographic Trends Impacting Diversity.” The training will be presented to mid-level managers in your firm. The purpose of the training is to inform the management consultants of the latest changes in worldwide demographics relative to five key diversity areas of interest and provide recommendations for managers on sustaining a diverse workforce.

Prepare a seven to nine slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation on this topic. Include a discussion of the following:

  • Diversity Trends
    • Population trends
    • Working-age population movements
    • Racial and ethnic trends
    • Sexual-orientation trends
    • Gender trends
  • Impact of diversity trends and changes to the firm based on statistical data
  • Recommendation to the firm for sustaining a diverse workforce

Include detailed speaker notes with your presentation that fully explain each point and justification for your recommendations.

Use at least three resources to justify your responses. Apply current APA standards for writing style to your work.  Include a title slide and reference slide(s) in addition to the main slides.

Land Borders and the Coastal Waterways

Compare and contrast the process of securing the land borders and the coastal waterways from international terrorism.

Are there any similar principles involved?

What are the glaring differences?

Which is more difficult to accomplish and why?

Prepare a 2 – 3 page, and using APA style formatting, well structured essay and provide your assessment.