SARA model

For this unit’s Complete assignment, write a comprehensive scholarly essay (minimum 1500 words) in which you analyze, explain, and apply these concepts in the context of a law enforcement issue. You must incorporate and cite, using correct APA citation format, at least four different scholarly research sources. Be sure your essay demonstrates a comprehensive understanding of the READ and ATTEND sections from this unit. In-text citations must be used in the body of your essay, and all research sources must be fully cited at the conclusion of your essay. Correct APA citation formats must be used.

  • Discuss the SARA model described in Chapter 5. Then describe how this model would be used to develop a law enforcement response to a specific crime problem. The problem can be a chronic social or criminal issue or a crime spree.
  • Describe what predictive analytics might be used to identify and respond more effectively to your crime problem. Based on the data compiled from your analytics what predictive policing strategies might be used to effectively address the problem.
  • Discuss how problem oriented policing strategies might be used to address the crime problem you have identified. How does this differ from predictive policing strategies?
  • Discuss the theories associated with hot spot policing. Evaluate whether hot spot policing is a viable technique to reduce crime and discuss whether police perceptions of hot spots align with actual hot spot locations as identified by predictive algorithms. 

criminal justice system

1.) Reflect on your goals and your next move within the criminal justice system and identify at least one agency and position to which you are thinking of applying or a promotion within your current agency that you hope to receive.

  • Discuss your current skills and competencies and outline your strengths and weaknesses relevant to that position and agency.
  • Outline the ways in which you can be better prepared to compete when applying for that position.

Private investigator is the goals.

2.)Chapter 6, “Climate Change,” of your textbook discusses reputable scientific studies that show that the Earth is warming at an unsustainable rate because of a rise in the release of CO2 and methane gases.

  • What is the relationship between population increases and climate change? Do you think fertility control is an effective strategy to halt climate change? Why or why not?

Your answers must focus on the discussion questions and they must specifically address the issues. You need to apply the concepts and theories you have learned.  Think logically, when writing your discussions. Vague and general answers without any meaningful content are not acceptable. Substantial postings and responses from students are expected.  Brief and superficial postings are not acceptable.    

3.) Please address the following:

  • Identify the video scenario that you chose and write a cohesive narrative for the narrative section of a report that describes the people, events, and circumstances from the scenario.
    • If the date and time of the incident are missing from the scenario, create this information to fully develop the narrative.
  • Which aspects of writing the narrative did you find easier or more difficult to address?

  scenario 2 – 04/07/2021 @ 15:15 Man and woman arguing and throwing things back and forth woman has a bruise on her left upper cheek neighbors called police.  

Research Paper Topic And Annotated Bibliography “Foreign Criminal Justice System”

Research Paper Topic and Annotated Bibliography

In Unit VII, you will complete a research paper on a foreign criminal justice system of your choice, and you will familiarize yourself with its law enforcement, court system, and corrections practices. This assignment will include two parts, but both parts will be submitted together in a single document. In preparation for the research paper, complete both parts as stated below.

Part I: Research Paper Topic

For this part of the assignment, you will identify one foreign criminal justice system as the topic for your research paper. Explain why you chose this topic, and make certain to include the information below.

  • Explain the concept of comparative criminal justice.
  • Identify how a foreign criminal justice system follows the concept of comparative criminal justice.
  • How does this foreign criminal justice system compare to that of the United States?

This part must be at least two pages in length.

Part II: Annotated Bibliography

For this part of the assignment, provide four scholarly resources that support your topic which will be used as the basis for developing your research paper. Under each reference, summarize the source and how it is applicable to your research topic on a foreign criminal justice system. 

Part II should be at least one page in length.

See examples of annotated bibliography here: 

 Your completed project must be at least three pages in length. Follow APA Style when constructing this assignment. 


When trying to understand the accurate definition of terrorism, various concepts need to be analyzed.

With reference to this week’s problem statement, utilize the  resources provided to you and your own research, and post your responses  to the following questions:

  • Are hate crimes acts of terrorism? Why or why not? Provide examples to support your response.
  • How important is extremism in defining terrorism? Why? What are the  characteristics of extremists that make them resemble terrorists
  • How is the definition of terrorism in the United States different  from the definition of terrorism in other parts of the world? Why is  this so?
  • Can terrorism ever be justified? Why or why not? What do you  perceive as the problems in arriving at a universal definition of  terrorism?

Cite any sources using APA format on a separate page. Let’s learn how to cite sources using APA guidelines.

terrorism and national security.

Within the religion of Islam, there are several divisions. Those who  follow the Sunni version of Islam and those who follow the Shia  interpretation are often in conflict. In the Muslim world, certain  countries are predominantly Sunni and others are predominantly Shia.  Wars have been fought over this division, including a recent 8-year war  between Iran and Iraq.

Understanding the differences between these two interpretations is helpful in understanding terrorism and national security.

For this assignment, create a 10- to 12-slide presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint that addresses the following points:

  • What are the points of conflict between Sunni and Shia Muslims? Where do their interpretations of Islam differ significantly?
  • How and when did these conflicts come into existence?
  • In what ways do they share the same beliefs? Is antipathy toward the West an automatic position?
  • Identify which nations are predominantly Sunni and which are Shia. Illustrate with a map.
  • Provide an example of at least one significant terrorist action by each branch of Islam.
  • Discuss whether counterterrorism authorities should prepare differently for Sunni terrorism than they would for Shia terrorism.

court management policy

Key Assignment Draft The objective of this assignment is to enable you to demonstrate your ability to develop a court management policy proposal that addresses the key factors that should be considered to ensure that legal requirements and best practices in management are observed. You will craft a policy proposal designed to address problems of case backlog and excessive delay in calendaring of hearings that have resulted from the growing workload in state courts. You will select the U.S. state court system of your choosing as opposed to a hypothetical or generic state court in an effort to make this deliverable more realistic and to enable the use of information for your research that may be available through actual court administration offices (e.g., via their Web sites or publicly available research reports). The environment in which this policy proposal is being generated is one characterized by several realities: State budgets for managing necessary services are shrinking. The political environment is somewhat unstable because of lack of consensus on how to address various types of social problems, including crime. Property-related crime is on the rise, including collateral offenses against persons. Court systems are so overwhelmed that there is growing public perception that public access to timely dispute resolution has become severely constrained. Correctional facilities are over-crowded, and problems of recidivism have accelerated. Plea bargaining and out-of court settlement of cases has increased in part as a way to side-step lengthy and expensive court trials. Certain alternative dispute resolution programs have been operating successfully in many circumstances and jurisdictions. You will produce a policy proposal from the perspective that you are a senior policy analyst employed by a state’s Administrative Office of the Courts. In this role as a senior policy analyst, you have been assigned to draft a proposal for the court administrator recommending viable options based on the legislature’s interests and objectives. The background information that you have been given by your employer is that the Judicial Committee of the State Legislature is very interested in a policy proposal that weighs options for new programs and/or approaches to dispute resolution designed to satisfy the legislature’s stated objectives to do the following: Reduce case backlog Shorten the average time for court hearings to be calendared and for decisions to be rendered Avoid the expense of expanding the number of court houses, judges, and associated court staff and/or detention facilities and associated staff Minimize the need for funding of new programs Consider the viability of “community burden-sharing” through partnerships with private (where private includes both profit and nonprofit) organizations and resources In addition, the judicial committee has specified that it would like to look at a policy proposal that focuses on dispute resolution options related to juvenile offenders that address the legislature’s objectives as a “pilot test” of new approaches to managing court-related services in the existing environment. Thus, the court administrator has asked that the policy proposal be narrowly focused on the juvenile justice division of the state court system.The policy proposal should exclude considerations of whether any proposed new programs or expansions of existing programs meet existing statutory requirements. For purposes of this project, you are to assume that once the proposal is presented to the Judicial Committee of the State Legislature, that committee will charge the Office of Legislative General Counsel to determine what, if any, statutory changes would be necessary.Questions the proposal would need to address include the following:Would it cost the state less to implement a victim offender mediation (VOM) program for juvenile offenders than it would to expand the courts and corrections staff and facility infrastructure? Would it take the state less time to implement a program such as this than it would to expand the courts and corrections staff and facility infrastructure? To what extent could a VOM program reduce court case backlog and thereby shorten the average time between arrest and case disposition? What is the “track record” of one or more comparable VOM program(s)? What are the social benefits and social costs of a VOM program for juvenile offenders both to the offenders themselves and to the larger community? Are there particular types of cases that are appropriate, as opposed to others that the legislature might want to exclude? What are the major challenges that will be faced by the Administrative Office of the Courts in implementing this proposed policy in terms of the following:  Program development Training and credentialing of mediators “Selling” it to potentially supportive community resources that could become partners with the state in this effort Case flow and records management Security issues related to cases being mediated outside of court facilities

Assignment Objectives
Analyze the challenges faced by Court Administrators

Develop a policy proposal to address a court service management opportunity or problem

5-6 pages

Assignment 2: Law Enforcement And Organized Crime

The mission of law enforcement agencies across the United States is to serve and protect. Many agencies use paramilitary tactics to address the crime problem that has affected the United States for the past fifty years. Some people wonder whether law enforcement is actually winning the war on crime. The initial focus of law enforcement was on drugs, but now, the focus is on organized crime. Some feel that the war is being lost, while others argue that the recent decline in crime is a direct result of get-tough policies. In this assignment, you will discuss the possibility of get-tough policies eradicating organized crime.

To complete this assignment, use your textbook and the Argosy University online library resources to identify specific measures taken by law enforcement agencies against organized crime.

Submission Details:

By the due date assigned, prepare a 3–4-page paper that examines the impact of law enforcement on organized crime. In your paper, respond to the following:

  • Explain whether get-tough policies will eradicate organized crime or whether organized crime will win the war by diluting the efforts of law enforcement through lucrative deals.
  • If get-tough policies don’t work, analyze where you would say the problem lies.
  • Describe the types of policies you would introduce to help reduce the problems associated with organized crime.
  • Explain whether the war on crime is an appropriate approach to dealing with organized crime.

Include an APA-formatted reference page, linking back to your in-text citations and supporting your recommendations. You cannot have only in-text citations or only references; you must have both.

Assignment 1: Debating The Issue Of Organized Crime And The Role Of Terrorism

Organized crime has been problematic for law enforcement agencies for decades. The very structure and activities of organized crime makes eliminating the problem an ongoing challenge. The purpose of this assignment is to show just how difficult it is for law enforcement to stop organized crime. Strategies to eliminate organized crime have included increased surveillance and various policy changes, but they have failed.

You are running for mayor of Centervale. It is a tight contest, and you expect to have a rather heated debate at the town hall meeting coming up. Your campaign manager tells you that at the debate, your opponent intends to present a plan for eliminating all organized criminal enterprises from Centervale. However, from your knowledge of the history and theory of organized crime, you know that complete elimination of organized crime is impossible, although a reasonable plan for reducing criminal activity can be developed and implemented at the local, state, and federal levels.

Submission Details:

By the due date assigned, in a minimum of 250 words, post to the Discussion Area your responses to the following:

  • Use your knowledge of organized crime to create a counterargument against your opponent. Your counterargument should:
    • Focus on the future of organized crime and consider its impact on the threat to public safety.
    • Educate the public on why terrorism is a valid area of concern in the organized crime debate.
  • Provide a rationale for highlighting key areas that pose a specific threat to public safety.

Statement of Professional Goals

If your Bachelor’s degree in under a 3.0 cumulative GPA please complete an essay of 500 words at minimum outlining your professional goals. The essay should address the following questions:

  1. What are your professional goals and how will a Criminal Justice degree from Saint Leo University assist you in reaching those goals?
  2. Based on your previous collegiate, professional, and life experience, why do you think now this is the right time for you to enroll into the Criminal Justice program?
  3. How do you think you will be able to handle an academic rigor of a graduate program that requires students to maintain a minimum of a 3.0 GPA?


  • In Week 4, you developed a policy regarding the three strikes laws in the State of California. Now, the state has decided to try to revamp other systems within the government to accommodate more diverse populations. The three strikes laws are now causing a problem for the correctional institutions in the United States. Now, there is an older inmate population because of the aging of the population.
    • Locate and analyze the current problems pertaining to the three strikes laws and incarceration.
    • For this assignment, you will develop a policy change to address prisoners who have been sentenced under these three strike laws and have reached the age of 60.
    • In your policy, address the following:
      • Describe your proposed policy in detail, and provide the specific language you would propose to be part of any statute or regulation that results from your proposed policy.
      • What information could you provide to the community and the state legislature to implement such a policy change?
      • What would be the advantages of this policy? Explain and provide support for your arguments.
      • What would be the disadvantages? Explain and provide support for your arguments.
    • You should use the same format that you used for your Week 4 Key Assignment Draft policy.
  • Address the following in 1-2 pages:
    • What effect would your corrections policy have on the state budget and state taxes? Explain.
    • How have you ensured that your second policy effectively utilized the feedback you received for your three strikes policy from Week 4? Be specific and explain in detail.
  • Remember to support your policy with scholarly and academic resources.
  • Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.